A listing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Topps trading cards teases a potential outline of the movie’s plot. As many fans know by now, Force Friday II is here, signaling the arrival of all-new Star Wars merchandise as viewers impatiently count down the days until the film premieres in December. Lucasfilm’s licensing partners have been officially unveiling their latest products, showing off more action figures, LEGO sets, and Funko Pops than collectors know what to do with. The toys, of course, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to merchandising, and there will be so much more in store.

From the beginning, Star Wars has had a very successful partnership with Topps, one of the leading manufacturers of trading cards. Over the last 40 years, the company has released a bevy of cards depicting key moments and characters from the galaxy far, far away. They certainly weren’t going to miss the opportunity to capitalize on the hype for a new movie, and their newest additions seem to provide a skeleton of the core Episode VIII narrative.

Appearing on Topps’ official website (hat tip Star Wars News Net) is a full list of all the company’s “Journey to The Last Jedi” base cards. One category in particular is specifically for Star Wars 8, consisting of 20 cards that tease story beats and plot details. You can check it out for yourself below:

91. Rey’s Solitude
92. General Leia Organa
93. Rey and her Lightsaber
94. On Crait
95. Rushing to Attack
96. Finn’s Recovery
97. Poe Responds
98. The Fury of Kylo Ren
99. Shards of the Past
00. Luke’s Grim Perspective
101. Ski Speeder Assault
102. Walkers Incoming
103. The Resistance
104. The Resistance X-wing
105. The Resistance A-wing
106. The Battle Commences
107. Frigates Under Fire
108. The Resistance Vs. The First Order
109. The Millennium Falcon Flees
110. Heroes United

Topps is also coming out with a new collection of Force Awakens cards this year, which similarly offers a recap of that film’s events. As SWNN notes, the Episode VII set is in chronological order, so it’s safe to assume the Last Jedi one is as well. If this is indeed a rough sketch of the narrative, there isn’t anything too surprising – save for a few possible curveballs. Some had thought the Battle of Crait (which can be glimpsed in the teaser) would be the big third act set piece, but it instead is set more in the middle, with a space battle seemingly serving as the grand finale. There is also no mention of casino city Canto Bight, suggesting that location may not be overly significant in the grand scheme of the story. Finn and Rose’s mission takes them there to meet Benicio del Toro’s DJ (and possibly Maz Kanata), but their stay amongst the high-rollers doesn’t look to be too long.

Of all the card titles, the one that jumps out the most is arguably “Luke’s Grim Perspective.” The old Jedi Master has clearly changed in the decades between the original and sequel trilogies, becoming worse for wear. In The Last Jedi, Luke is a broken man who chose self-exile instead of fighting alongside his friends, and many are curious to learn more about his backstory. The fact the “Grim Perspective” card is in the middle of the set implies that if he does have a change of heart, it won’t come quickly. “Heroes United” is also one of intrigue, since it raises questions about whom it is in reference to. Based on the behind-the-scenes sizzle reel, Rey and Finn are together again on Crait, but fans everywhere are rooting for a Skywalker twins reunion at some point. Hopefully, Leia and Luke are with the youngsters by the time the credits roll, providing the saga with yet another emotional moment.