Fox's new Rambo spinoff series, Rambo: New Blood, will not feature franchise-star Sylvester Stallone either on screen or off.

While it was previously rumoured that Stallone would executive produce the series and perhaps even guest star, his representatives have told Deadline that he is not involved with the show at all but that he "wish the others well with the project.

Written by Die Hard and The Fugitive scribe Jeb Stuart, New Blood will feature John Rambo's son, ex-Navy SEAL J.R., and his complex relationship with his father.

Produced by Entertainment One and Avi Lerner, New Blood has been in the works since 2013 and was picked up by Fox just this year. Stallone's potential involvement in the series was talked about in previous reporting but never confirmed.

Stallone and Lerner are still attached to executive produce FOX's Expendables TV show, which will feature famous TV stars as the titular mercenary team.

New Blood wouldn't have been the first time Stallone returned to one of his iconic franchises as a mentor figure to the new generation. The film features the Italian Stallion taking on his old rival Apollo Creed's son Adonis as a pupil in the ring.

John Lasser says the movie "does nothing to break the mold. Rather, it shows that the mold exists for a reason. Jordan delivers a knockout performance, and Stallone does as well. In the end, we can all only hope that we'll get to see Adonis on screen for just as long as we've seen Rocky." Creed has made $65 million in the domestic box office so far.