Shazam! director David F. Sandberg continues to tease fans with pre-production photos Ė but could they hint at possible storylines? Itís only been a few weeks since Sandberg was confirmed as the helmer for Shazam!, but the director has been having a lot of fun since then. Despite coming from a horror background, making his name with films like Lights Out and this summerís Annabelle: Creation, Sandberg is promising fans Shazam! will be DCís most lighthearted film yet. And itís not hard to see why, given whoís in charge.

Shortly after Sandberg was announced as the director of Shazam!, he began taking to social media to troll fans and inject some humor into the DCEU. He first teased a rather amateur take on Shazamís costume, before later joking about a comical battle between the hero and Superman. Thanks to Sandbergís tendencies, it can be tough to judge which of his announcements are hints about the film and which are designed to mess with overly analytical fans. And when it comes to the directorís latest production tease, it could certainly be either one.

Sandberg took to his Instagram to share photos from day 6 and 7 of pre-production for Shazam! At this point, the writing and storyboarding process for the movie is on-going, so thereís only so much Sandberg can reveal. That hasnít stopped him, however, from hinting at possible plot points:

The first image is notable for featuring multiple Shazam figures and comics along with toys for Tawky Tawny, Mister Atom, and Mister Mind. Tawny, a talking tiger regularly shown as a well-dressed humanoid, has been a part of the Captain Marvel/Shazam family since 1947. Atom and Mind, meanwhile, are an evil robot and villainous worm, respectively. Aside from some version of Mister Atom, the characters all seem like long-shots when it comes to inclusion in Shazam! Still, given that the DC Extended Universe is currently looking to mix things up a bit, perhaps Shazam! will take the franchise in a more eccentric direction.

Itís likely these photos are just for fun. After all, the Joker and Annabelle both appear in the second one, too. Thereís also a proliferation of Coke Zero cans, likely a play on Sandbergís first pre-production photo featuring a lone soda of the same variety. Regardless of the meaning behind the images, itís nice to know that Sandberg is engaged with his fanbase and willing to share some sort of insight into his process. As such, expect many more playful images in the coming months as Shazam! continues to evolve.