It seems the titular alien hunters are seeking to conquer Earth in a new TV spot for Shane Black’s The Predator. While the original Predator from 1987 is considered a genre classic, it’s various follow-ups have been a mixed bag. Predator 2 swapped Arnold Schwarzenegger for Danny Glover and set the action in a city instead of the jungle. Fans were disappointed by the lack of Arnie and the movie did modest business upon release, though it since became a cult item thanks to its inventive set pieces and expansion of the Predator lore.

The sequel also featured an Alien skull in the Predator's trophy room, leading to Alien Vs Predator in 2004. Despite years of anticipation, the movie was a disappointment, being produced on a modest budget and watering the violence down for a PG-13, though it had some fun action scenes. Alien Vs Predator: Requiem was lambasted for its terrible script and the strange decision to underlight every scene to the point where it was difficult to see the action, and it became the lowest grossing entry in both franchises. Finally, 2010’s Predators was met with decent reviews and box office but ultimately felt like a remake of the original.

Shane Black’s The Predator is promising to reinvent the series for a new generation and will feature a group of disturbed war veterans facing off with a new breed of Predator. The film has just received a new TV spot, and in addition to teasing the action, it also features government agent Traeger (Sterling K. Brown) hinting the Predators have a much bigger goal than hunting humans – they're aiming to conquer the planet.

This line is echoed in a previous trailer for The Predator, with Traeger stating the hunters have already conquered space. It has previously been rumored the movie would reveal the true reason the Predators keep returning to Earth, and the movie will feature an ‘Upgraded’ Predator, whose DNA has been spliced with that of other creatures they’ve fought across different planets. Some fan theories even predict Dutch’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger) DNA will be part of the monster's genetic makeup.

The Predator appears to have been something of a troubled production, having suffered numerous delays and reshoots. That said, fan anticipation is high, and the movie’s producer is already planning two further sequels. There are also reports the production is heading back for two more days filming, which is an odd move so close to the release date. Some are anticipating the studio is filming some kind of button or post-credit scene to set up the next chapter.

Release Date:

. The Predator (2018) release date: Sep 14, 2018