Adapting a popular film into a TV series isn’t usually an easy task. After all, films work so well because of their specific run time and finite plots. We’ve seen a handful of TV adaptations fail miserably and quickly disband, but it appears that MTV has a hit on their hands with the series version of Scream. After a successful and suspenseful first season, it was immediately announced that the survivors would be back for a second season. Now, MTV has given us the first peek into Season 2 with a mysterious teaser. Check it out below.

While this teaser doesn’t necessarily give any footage or plot details about Scream’s sophomore season, it does remind us of one thing: everyone’s a suspect.

MTV’s Scream succeeded in somehow making a slasher into a TV series. Characters large and small were killed by the killer, and we found out who the villain was in the end of Season 1. But, as all true Scream fans know, there’s always a second killer and partner. The search for Piper Shaw’s partner in crime will make up much of the plot for Season 2, with the survivors of Season 1 continuing to be suspicious (although they’re clearly making Audrey look crazypants).

Scream uses the concepts and themes from the late Wes Craven’s film franchise. Set in a small town, the community erupts into chaos as a serial killer begins tearing through high school students and adults alike. Much of the plot revolves around finding out which of the main characters is actually the killer, as well as getting to the roots of the killer’s tragic past.

The Scream films are known for breaking new ground in the slasher horror genre. These films didn’t take themselves too seriously, and always contained a fair amount of humor. Characters spoke with dialogue full of pop-culture references, and the big three (Sidney, Dewey, and Gale played by Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox respectively) led all four films. Additionally, both the movies and TV show have quite a bit of metatheatricality. The characters seem to know their misadventures are mirroring a scary movie, and there are often tons of horror references in the script.

While MTV’s version of Scream shares a similar style and tone, the events on the small screen have yet to be connected to Sydney’s tragic life in Woodsboro. In addition to the lack of connection or reference to the franchise’s events, the killer isn’t even wearing the trademark Ghostface mask. While this happened due to a legality issue, it certainly helped in separating the TV series from its source material. A new mask is used, and can be seen being held by the character Brooke in the above teaser.

Scream will be slashing back onto your TV via MTV on May 30th.