Steve Jobs would have been "appalled" by Danny Boyle's movie about the late Apple visionary, according to Ed Catmull, president of Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

"I think he'd be appalled," Catmull told The Hollywood Reporter. "And they actually can't tell the story because the story's wrong. He went through an arc in his life. There was a time the way he worked with people was not good, and I saw that when I first worked with him."

Catmull went on to explain why Jobs' growth as a person is a journey that can't simply be recreated for the big screen. "People look at that dramatic part, and they'll make a movie about that and that's not the story. That was the beginning of a more interesting and complex story," he explained.

"He became an empathetic person, and we all saw this when [the Walter Isaacson book] was being written. Nobody's going to psychoanalyze Steve while he was alive. That aspect of the change of Steve was missed. That's the real story."

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