GOOD Morning Britain fans were left in shock today when Piers Morgan clashed with Reverend and The Makers' Jon McClure live on air.

Viewers were left divided after a debate on the show between the TV star and singer - as well as co-host Susanna Reid and talent manager Jonathan Shallit - turned sour.

Guest Jon - who argued that Taylor Swift and other performers shouldn't be criticised for making their political views public - insisted his sharp comments disagreeing with Piers were "not a personal attack".

But the outspoken journalist said: "You've whacked me on Twitter for ages. When we booked you today I was like, 'Oh god'.

"And you started, and that's fine mate you're entitled to it. But luckily it's my show. We've got a poll. The poll is 61 per cent agree with me. So I'm right."

"Thanks for seeing you. We'll all reconvene on Twitter no doubt."

Viewers took to Twitter with mixed reactions over the segment.

One wrote: "If you do nothing else today, find a clip of @Reverend_Makers making @piersmorgan look like an utter fool on @GMB - well played Jon.

"Thinking you should lobby for a longer debate with him, perhaps on Question Time or similar. Take him even more out of his comfort zone."

Another commented: "@GMB I completely disagree with @piersmorgan for once. Using the platform of 'HIS show' to publicly ridicule Jon McClure due to a personal vendetta. Stick to the matter at hand piers."

A third shared: "You are totally right @piersmorgan like Jon McClure and his lefty ilk wouldn't pressurize & attack other artists for not voicing their opinions."

It comes after Piers hinted that Susanna had got a new boyfriend earlier in the show.

The TV star jokingly suggested that his co-host was "very, very happy" about something in her personal life live on Good Morning Britain earlier today.

After commenting on Susanna's posture, Piers, 53, teased: "I know you're happy. You're very, very, very happy."

The 47-year-old star giggled back at him as she claimed she was simply "relaxed".

Later on in the show, the outspoken presenter joked once more: "I don't know what else is going on in your life."

Susanna, who proceeded to placed her head in her arms, has three children - Jack, Sam and Finn - by her ex-partner Dominic Cotton.