While Wonder Woman is unquestionably one of the biggest hits of the summer, recent weeks have featured some shaky stories about the future of Wonder Woman 2. Specifically, numerous reports came out revealing that director Patty Jenkins wasn't signed on for the sequel, and was still questioning whether or not she would come back. Well, now we don't have to wonder (see what I did there?) any longer, as the filmmaker has confirmed she will return for Wonder Woman 2. She recently said during a Q&A at a Women in Film screening,

I had an epiphany about _Wonder Woman 2. _I was like, 'You don't have to do this. It doesn't have to be a foregone conclusion that you do Wonder Woman 2.' But then as I was falling asleep I had an epiphany. I was like, 'Wait a minute. You have the greatest character of all time that you love dearly, with a cast that you love sitting at the palm of your hand at this day and age --- you can do whatever you want with them --- are you crazy?' And then I suddenly realized, it's not more - it's another movie. It's its own movie. And it's got to be great.

The Advocate has collected the quotes from the event, where Patty Jenkins was very open and honest about her thought process moving towards doing a Wonder Woman 2. It seems like she really didn't necessarily want to make a follow-up to the movie she already made, but then seemed to come to the realization that what is being presented to her is an amazing creative opportunity at which she very much wants to leap.

The filmmaker didn't go into deep detail regarding what she wants to do with Wonder Woman 2 for what should be obvious reasons, but she did make it very clear that she already has a vision of what she wants the sequel to be. She said, hinting that the film could be set in the modern era,

It's a continuation of the same character, but there's a great, entirely different story to be told with this character in our--- in _the _world. That's fun, because now she exists, just funny, and also says something profound about the world we're in right now.

Wonder Woman 2 is obviously very much still in the early stages, but Patty Jenkins has previously spoken about her desire to take the titular heroine - played by Gal Gadot - and bring her to America for an adventure. Beyond that, there isn't much else to know about the project right now, but given the first movie it is already one of our most anticipated upcoming blockbusters.

Wonder Woman 2 does not currently have a release date, but stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for more news about the sequel and the future of the DC Extended Universe!