It has officially been revealed when fans will get to see the first trailer for next year’s highly-anticipated, Pacific Rim Uprising. The film – which is shaping up to be one of the biggest titles hitting theaters next year – is the long-awaited follow-up feature to writer and director Guillermo del Toro’s original Pacific Rim in 2014. Debuting four years after that film was released, though, Uprising will be coming to Pacific Rim fans from an almost completely different creative team than they might have originally expected. Instead of del Toro returning as the film’s director, Daredevil season 1 showrunner, Steven DeKnight will be directing Pacific Rim: Uprising, with an entirely new cast of actors in front of the camera as well.

Despite the Pacific Rim sequel completing production back in March and the inherent excitement surrounding the title, though, there has been little-to-no actual press made about it or footage released from it so far this year. Even new star John Boyega commented on the lack of Pacific Rim Uprising trailers, with many starting to wonder when they’d actually get to see footage from the sequel, especially considering it’s set to hit theaters fairly early into next year.

Fortunately, the answer to that question has finally been answered today, as New York Comic Con (H/T Trailer-Track) has announced that the first official trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising will be making its premiere at the busy convention next month. According to the NYCC website, the trailer will be revealed during a special panel for the film on Friday, October 6th at noon EST, with director Steven DeKnight, John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Burn Gorman, and Cailee Spaeny all said to be making appearances during the panel.

While San Diego Comic-Con still draws the most attention and is just all-around bigger, New York Comic Con has become an increasingly larger convention as of late, with more and more noteworthy panels and announcements being made during the convention with each passing year. And the Pacific Rim Uprising panel will no doubt be a big draw for fans who will be journeying out to New York for the convention next month.

Plot and story details from the Pacific Rim sequel have, like everything else from the film, been shrouded in secrecy up until this point, with fans only knowing a vague outline of what to expect from it. However, with the film taking place several years after the events of the first Pacific Rim and set to focus on John Boyega’s Jake Pentecost – the son of Idris Elba’s Stacker – it’ll be interesting to see how Uprising builds off of what was already established in its predecessor. Boyega himself has promised that the sequel will be “larger than life” experience, and with the trailer now only a little over a month away, fans are finally going to get their first real taste of what exactly that means.