Up until a few days ago, Logan was one of the best-kept secrets in the world of comic book movies. However, now that New York Comic-Con has come and gone, we officially have the film's title, its basic narrative, and even the overall tone and style of the movie. We now also have a far better understanding of Boyd Holbrook's character, which has officially been revealed as deadly cyborg Donald Pierce. Check out the photo below to see for yourself.

The above photo was released by the official Logan Instagram account, and it showcases Boyd Holbrook's character sitting in the front seat of a car in a barren wasteland, and generally looking like a badass. The caption of the photo simply reads, "Pierce," which serves as confirmation that Holbrook will portray Donald Pierce in the upcoming film. However, beyond the knowledge that this character will officially appear in the movie, we have very little information regarding his actual abilities as a cyborg.

Fans of the source material will instantly recognize Donald Pierce as the leader of The Reavers. In the X-Men comics, The Reavers are a band of cyborgs tasked with the mission of killing mutants. They're dangerous, they're deadly, and they're incredibly difficult to kill.

The presence of The Reavers in Logan doesn't necessarily come as a major shock. We've assumed for some time that they would likely make an appearance, and we can now confirm that Donald Pierce is in fact the leader of this villainous death squad. The existence of these deadly cyborgs also ties into Logan's larger story, which centers on a shady government organization hell-bent on turning young mutants into killing machines. Could Donald Pierce and X-23 both be the result of this organization's projects? Only time will tell.

Not only will the Wolverine we see in the upcoming movie be far weaker than previous iterations, but Logan will also see the aging X-Man tasked with the responsibility of looking after a young X-23, as well as an increasingly unstable Charles Xavier. Logan has never been this vulnerable in any X-Men movie, and that means he's going to have to fight harder than ever against Donald Pierce just to make it out alive.

If Logan and Donald Pierce are about to face off against one another, then we can pretty much expect a knockdown, drag out blood bath. We will keep you updated with all of the latest and greatest details pertaining to Logan as more information becomes available to us. Logan will hit theaters on March 3, 2017. Stay tuned for more awesome details!