Fans of The Office will be treated to extended episodes when the hit sitcom moves to NBC's streaming service, Peacock. The Greg Daniels-created workplace comedy originally rose to prominence during the late 2000s. The Office wrapped up a nine-season run on NBC in 2013 but has remained one of the most popular sitcoms thanks to streaming. Netflix has benefited from the continued interest in the series for years, although The Office will soon leave.

After NBCUniversal announced plans to launch its own streaming service, the desire to have its biggest piece of IP grew so Peacock could compete in the streaming wars. Netflix has the exclusive rights to The Office until the end of 2020, which means the show will be available only on Peacock starting in 2021. The addition of The Office will be a huge boost to Peacock's library of content, as fans who have grown accustomed to watching the show regularly will need to sign up for one of Peacock's subscription models.

When The Office is available on Peacock in 2021, fans will have more of the show to watch than ever before. Matt Strauss, chairman of Peacock and NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises, recently spoke to Bloomberg and revealed their plan to add additional content through the release of extended episodes and more.

Like any TV show, The Office has no shortage of deleted or extended scenes that could be reincorporated into episodes on Peacock. Strauss didn't reveal any specific examples of how The Office will be different on Peacock, but hopefully, NBC will get inventive with these plans. If the plan is simply to add scenes back in that were previously cut from the broadcast, the best outcome would be for the release of scenes that have never been seen before.

Depending on how Peacock pulls off these adjustments, it will be fascinating to see the reaction from diehard The Office fans. If these new elements are just added in to give Peacock something to advertise, fans might not like the changes that are made, especially if Daniels isn't involved in the process of what is added back in. The show has not been immune from changes being made to it after the fact, whether it was the decision to remove the opening scene for the Halloween episode in season 6 or the recent cut of a scene with blackface from season 9. Now that Peacock will offer more alterations to The Office, fans will have to wait several more months to figure out what will be done.