During the ďGame of ThronesĒ Season 7 finale, fans witnessed a meetup of all their favorite characters, an incestuous, butt-friendly sex scene and an ice dragon destroying the Wall.

But a lot of attention was centered on another big moment: Jaime Lannisterís decision to leave Cersei and join the Northernersí fight against the Night King.
He did it, yíall ― Jaime finally realized his sister is crazy.

Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, whoís played Jaime on screen for seven years, was thrilled to know his character used his brain for once and saw right through Cerseiís (Lena Headey) lies. After she meets with Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) following the dragon pit council, everyone assumes Cersei had a change of heart when she reemerges to tell them she will join the fight against the dead and send her army north. Even her dear brother/lover (and the father of her unborn child) falls for it.

But we all know Cersei, and sheís not one to play nice. As Jaime gears up to lead the Lannister troops north, Cersei interrupts to share her true motive: betraying Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) by staying in the South as they face the Great War. Cersei and Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbśk) actually plotted to buy an elite mercenary troop of over 20,000 men in Essos called the Golden Company and plan on continuing Cerseiís rule on the Iron Throne.

Jaime was shook, so he decides to finally bite the bullet and say goodbye to his twin. She, of course, threatens to kill him ― as she did with Tyrion earlier on in the episode ― but Jaime somehow escapes with his head after the Mountain doesnít obey Cerseiís apparent ďgo for itĒ signal. (She is definitely, maybe, pissed about that.)
Below, Coster-Waldau discusses Jaimeís big exit from Kingís Landing, his hopes to reunite with Bran Stark, and his love of Tormund and Brienne.

Jaime finally did what fans have been waiting for: He left Cersei. Youíre free! What did you think of this moment?
He hadnít finished decorating the new nursery, which really upset me.

I know he left Cersei behind with his unborn child.
Typical guy, you know? They have this beautiful relationship and then she says sheís pregnant, and heís out the door. Can you believe it?!
No, that was a great scene, really, because weíve been waiting for that moment a long time. There were so many other times when I thought that would be it, time for him to pack his bags, but I guess she finally took it one step too far. He saw what he saw, and he understood the threat [of the dead], and he understood that clearly if they donít all work together, they donít stand a chance. And the fact that he knows his sister saw and recognized the same threat and her calculations led her to the exact opposite result ó itís just shocking. I donít know why it took him so long to realize what the rest of the world always knew ó that she is a crazy monster ó but he finally did. And then he left.

Not going to lie, I thought this might have been your demise. The Mountain was ready to kill you! But you called her bluff.
Cersei had the chance with both her brothers to kill them and she was threatening to do so, but both times she eased off on the trigger. I get that with Tyrion she was setting him up for failure ― making him believe that he was the hero of the day, that he negotiated this amazing support from the Lannister army and what a wonderful thing he did. So that makes sense. For Jaime, I would think he would think there was part of her that still understands that he really is the last person that she has. That is the truth; that must resonate somewhere inside her. That would help. Or maybe the Mountain is just so thick that he didnít get the eye signal. Maybe thereís a scene right after where she goes, ďWhy the fuck didnít you kill him?! I gave you the signal!Ē I donít know. Who knows. Weíll never know because that scene isnít there, but that might be the case. Maybe sheís not so afraid of the undead, because she already has the Mountain, whoís undead, and she likes that she can control him.

Ah, sheís a Night Queen herself with the Mountain.
Yeah, thatís going to be the thing.

When Jaime tells her ďI donít believe you,Ē is it about her killing him, her pregnancy or just her scheming in general? How did you interpret that line?

Is ďI donít believe youĒ saying ďI donít love youĒ or ďI donít believe Iím going to die.Ē My subjects as an actor was ďThis is it. I donít believe in you anymore. I donít believe in this, you and me. I donít love you anymore.Ē Thatís how I played it. Now, Iíve done that before and then you find out thatís not what they intended, but, you know, that was kind of my intention that that was it. Sheís obviously always going to be a huge part of him and there wonít be a day where he wonít be thinking of Cersei because ― just like Tyrion is thinking about his father [Tywin] every day and his niece [Myrcella] and his nephew [Tommen] who wouldíve been alive if it wasnít for him ― itís the same for Jaime. Cersei is always going to be there. Heís going to have so many hours of the day with a therapist from now on and every time itís going to be back to Cersei. I think the whole ďIím in love with youĒ thing is not really there ó itís gone. But I may be wrong, who knows?

Will Jaime head straight to Tyrion?
I think heís going North to join up with Jon Snow and the folks up there.

Wouldnít that be nice? Well, itís not Jon anymore, itís Aegon Targaryen. So I actually killed his grandfather [Aerys] ó so I killed her father and his grandfather. Itís going to be such a wonderful reunion. [Laughs] The one thing that would be cool ó I would love Jaime to meet Bran Stark. If nothing else just to say, ďSorry, kid.Ē And then Bran can say, ďNo, donít worry. If you hadnít done that I wouldnít be the all-seeing Three-Eyed Raven. And Jaime could go, ďOh, great! Well, good.Ē Imagine if that happened to your brother or a relative, like that guy whoís always a little quiet at the family parties? Then you realize itís because he knows everything! But if you know everything, shouldnít you tell us? Donít keep it to yourself, just spread information. Letís find out whatís going on!

Bran waited the whole season to tell anyone in his family about Jonís true parentage.
Samwell Tarly comes in and he says what he says and then the Three-Eyed Raven doesnít know that Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen but Samwell says so and then he just suddenly finds outs. I didnít understand that.

Heís like, ďOh, let me just hop in that vision real quick.Ē
He has so much information in his brain, he has to use the search button. How does it work?! He didnít know until Samwell came and said, ďNo, no, I read this thing.Ē And then he goes into a trance and he sees it. It must have been on a hard drive that he doesnít access usually and then suddenly Ö itís Siri! He has to have Siri! ďSiri, look up Jon Snow. No, look up whatever that was.Ē
It was a great sequence. Itís beautiful they cut to that and then Jon and Daenerys having sex because I feel like, on behalf of the original twincest couple, it was a beautiful irony that their story turned out to be aunt and nephew.

Yes, you passed the baton.
[Laughs] So Dany is fucking the nephew. I thought that was a beautiful moment in ďGame of ThronesĒ history.

I think itís going to mess things up, royally, but weíll see.
Yeah, I know.

So, Jaime started the episode off with Bronn, but ended it solo. You left your buddy behind?
I donít know! Yeah, címon, why would anyone leave Bronn behind with Cersei? I mean, she doesnít seem to be a big fan of Bronn. She really played him as well, along with everyone else, but maybe Bronn becomes Cerseiís right-hand man. Or, maybe he still was coming [North], he just hung out with Podrick and Tyrion. But we didnít see him when they went to Dragonstone. Maybe heíll show up ó Iíll meet him at the war.

Jaime also shared a moment with Brienne, who seems to still be a moral compass for him. Are you glad they might be reuniting in war, too?
I think we should team up. After I saw Episode 6, Iím so rooting for Tormund Giantsbane and Brienne of Tarth to become a couple. She needs to go with someone who wants her instead of always Ö the Jaime-Brienne thing was never going to happen. Heís too messed up. She should go with Tormund because he is so in love with her. Maybe heís coming on too hard because heís already talking about babies and all that, but I think thatís the one for her.

She might want what she canít have, though.
I donít think she ever wanted [Jaime]. I think that she liked him and they respected each other, but I donít think sheís ever looked at Jaime the way Tormund looks at her. Thereís never been that kind of beautiful lustful relationship between Jaime and Brienne. Itís been more like an emotional connection. I donít see it happening. I think Jaime is truly damaged goods, anyone should stay away from him. His twin sister is always going to be there ó itís going to be weird.

Well, you both still have Valryian steel, so you can be together on the battlefield and fight the Night Kingís army.
I know. I hope I get to have some scenes with Gwendoline [Christie] again because sheís so much fun to be around and sheís great. But in terms of story, it doesnít makes sense for them to be a couple. But who knows?

Kingís Landing was on fire when you returned at the end of Season 6. When you left in the Season 7 finale, it was snowing. Significance there?
The significance is we see the snow coming and we see, of course, the Night King breaking through the wall. The whole thing from the beginning has been winter is coming. Even down South they thought, ďOh, well, we donít have to worry about that.Ē Now itís set up for the war is here and thereís no escaping it. Itís going to get really messy, really fast.

Get your snow plows ready for sure, because winter is here.
Itís that weird thing where you know theyíre ready for it up North, but I have a feeling in Kingís Landing itís just going to be a mess because theyíre not ready for it and they have this arrogance about them. Itís like when it rains in LA, everything just comes to a standstill.

I canít wait for next season. I hope it wonít take too long.

Itís just going to be a couple of years. [Laughs]