Apple TV+ releases a new trailer for Servant, and it may be the creepiest yet. The psychological thriller is executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan, who will direct some of the show’s episodes. Servant tells the story of a couple who recently went through the gut-wrenching experience of losing a child. In an effort to cope with their grief, the couple takes in a very lifelike doll. The doll looks disturbingly close to a real life baby, wide-eyed and wearing a joyous expression. It’s a little unusual, the characters of the series acknowledge, but it helps to improve the mood of a distraught mother. Things only start to get out of hand when a nanny is hired to look after the doll.

A number of trailers have already been unveiled for Servant. From the earliest teasers for the show, it was clear that something wasn’t quite right with the arrangement. More sneak peeks further confirmed the sense of dread, with unnerving silences broken up an even worse sound. Last week, a full trailer was debuted which highlighted the mother’s state of mind, suggesting that the nanny could simply be playing along and pretending the baby is real for the sake of her boss. Given how strange the setup for Servant already is, and how the motivations of the characters are unclear, it’s impressive how the latest tease by Apple TV might be the most nightmarish to date.

Titled ‘Making Jericho’, the promo shows how the doll was made. A mess of eyeballs, all different shapes and shades, perfecting the fingertips and the softness of the skin, the doll is shown to be created in such a way that it could absolutely look like a real tiny human, so long as you didn’t stare at it too closely or for too long. The mother either doesn’t seem to realize the unreality of it all, or maybe she simply doesn’t mind, as she holds the inanimate object close to her chest. Watch the full trailer, in all its odd glory, below.

Consisting of ten episodes, Servant was created by Tony Basgallop. The show stars Toby Kebbel and Lauren Ambrose as the grieving parents, Sean and Dorothy respectively. Nell Tiger Free, who has appeared on Game of Thrones as Myrcella Baratheon, portrays the nanny. Rupert Grint, who will be known to many as Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter movies, is also part of the cast.

This upcoming thriller is one of the many choices on offer from Apple TV+. The Morning Show, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, has been regarded as the service’s flagship program. See, which features Jason Momoa in the lead role, has also received considerable buzz. Truth Be Told boasts considerable talent to zero in on a true crime story. And yet, Servant stands out from the pack for its sheer eccentricity. The show premieres on November 28.