After images of the season 5 Flash suit were leaked, Grant Gustin has taken to social media to give fans an official first look at the suit as it should be seen. The Flash returns (along with the rest of the CW's Arrowverse) in a couple of months, and a new season means a new superhero suit. Since The Flash began, the suit that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) wears in the show has changed slightly season to season, as the character himself has grown and developed as a hero. The suits also change as the Flash's team build more impressive suits for their leader, equipped with new and helpful gadgetry for him to use in the field.

Season 5 of The Flash is no exception, and fans can expect to see a different costume for the titular hero when the show returns to the small screen. However, Flash fans got a sneak peek at this one ahead of time, after a set photo of the new suit was leaked online. The new suit features none of the leather that previous suits had, is all spandex, and bears a close resemblance to his classic comic book costume. However, the leaked photos weren't the most flattering when it comes to either the suit or the actor wearing it, and Gustin has since been hitting back at commenters criticizing either the new costume, or his appearance.

Now, however, Gustin has shown the suit as it should have been seen from the start, in an 'official' (and much better looking) photo via his Instragram. The photo was posted on Friday, August 10, with the simple caption 'First OFFICIAL look at Barry’s new threads for season 5'. The suit itself appears to be the same as the one in the leaked photo, without the leather, and with far more of the hero's chin exposed.

It's clear from Gustin's emphasis on the word 'official' that he's still stinging a bit from the reaction to the leaked photos, and is making it clear that this is the suit fans are going to see. The poster itself is very similar to previous season posters, with the same color palate, background lightning, and mid-stride pose from the speedster, although this may be the biggest change to the suit itself that fans have seen yet.

It's likely that this new suit is not courtesy of Cisco (Carlos Valdes) for once, but comes from the Flash Ring that was given to Barry by his daughter-from-the-future, Nora. Nora appeared at the end of Season 4, and will be a regular throughout Season 5, although her storyline is yet to be revealed. It's great to see the suits becoming more and more comic accurate as The Flash continues, and the new suit with the Flash Ring is sure to please diehard comic book fans - even if it can't please absolutely everybody.

The Flash season 5 premieres October 9 on The CW.