In just a few short weeks the Marvel Cinematic Universe will expand in unprecedented ways with the premiere of Doctor Strange. Stephen Strange will finally make his debut in the MCU, and he will bring the ideas of magic and the mystic arts with him. And he will bring a huge ensemble to the silver screen as well. A new featurette for the film has just been released, and it sheds some new light onto these otherwise mysterious characters. You can watch it for yourself below.

Marvel has just released the above clip as a means of getting fans up to speed with the various side characters that we will see during the events of Doctor Strange. While the previous trailers have given us quite a bit of insight into Stephen Strange himself, this featurette goes a long ways towards filling in the rest of the gaps in the cast. All of his allies, from Rachel McAdams' Christine Palmer, to Benedict Wong's Wong get a moment to shine, and it's abundantly clear that Strange won't go into battle against Kaecilius completely alone.

This video provides far more insight into the nature of the relationship between Strange and Christine Palmer than ever before. It seems that the movie will spend quite a bit of time focusing on their love story, and how the loss of Strange's hands only made the relationship that much more difficult. However, by the time he has truly grown into his role as Sorcerer Supreme, it seems that his acceptance of heroic duties will bring them closer together.

But if there's one aspect of this video that gets most true Doctor Strange fans excited, it's the insight into Chiwetel Ejiofor's Baron Mordo. Although all of the marketing material for the film has framed this character as an ally and mentor for Strange, we're waiting to see the moment in which he eventually reveals himself as a villain -- which is something with ample precedent in the comics. Will he become a bad guy before the end of the movie, or will he remain on Doc's side and turn into a villain during the mid-credits scene like Sinestro at the end of Green Lantern? We still don't know for sure, and fans of the source material are still wondering.

With more information about who these characters are, and what makes them tick, we seriously cannot wait for Doctor Strange to finally hit theaters. CinemaBlend will bring you more information concerning the upcoming debut of the Sorcerer Supreme on the silver screen as more details become available to us. Doctor Strange will debut on November 4; stay tuned for more awesome details!