Netflix mocked the most recent trailer for the upcoming Venom movie, with a short video that built upon one of Venom's most famous catch phrases from the comics. The video also pays homage to the famous slogan and commercials of a major insurance company. First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #300, Venom was crafted to be Spider-Man's worst enemy. Venom was forged from a union between an alien parasite (a.k.a. symbiote) that once tried to bond with Peter Parker, and reporter Eddie Brock, who blamed the wall-crawler for costing him his job after Brock's report on the true identity of a serial killer called the Sin-Eater was proven false after Spidey captured the real killer.

Possessing all of Peter Parker's powers, as well as enhanced strength, shape-shifting abilities, unlimited webbing and total invisibility to the Spider-Sense that warned Peter of approaching danger and sneak-attacks, Venom was one of the most formidable foes Spider-Man ever faced. Despite the strong connection between the characters in the comics, the upcoming Venom movie will see Eddie Brock bonding with the symbiote independent of any altercation with Spider-Man.

The Venom parody video, which can be viewed below, was posted on Twitter, via Netflix's NX. Described as a "space to live everything super, sci-fi, the fantastic, and beyond," NX frequently posts humorous videos and images relating to superhero, horror and science fiction properties.

Though most of NX's postings to date have centered on properties owned by Netflix, such as Stranger Things and Disenchantment, the new video took shots at both the latest Venom trailer and the commercials for Farmers' Insurance. The brief parody drew a link between Venom's trademark line, "We... are... Venom!" and the "We are Farmers" slogan of Farmers' Insurance. The faux commercial ends with an animated Venom logo done in the style of the logo for Farmers' Insurance, after Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock and the symbiote deliver the famous line. It then launches into the familiar "We are Farmers" jingle from the Farmers' Insurance advertisements.

While this mock ad might be confusing to international audiences who are unfamiliar with Farmers' Insurance and their famous commercials starring actor J. K. Simmons (who, amusingly enough, also played Spider-Man hating newspaper publisher J. Jonah Jameson in the first trilogy of Spider-Man movies), the video is quite funny for those who know the character of Venom and the company. Hopefully fans can expect to see more comedy along these lines on NX's social media in the future. Perhaps an upcoming video might pit Venom against Dean Winters' Mr. Mayhem character, from the Allstate Insurance commercials?

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. Venom (2018) release date: Oct 05, 2018