Netflix has plans to add a few new characters to Lost in Space season 2. A few more people will join Dr. Smith, the Robinsons and the crew of the Resolute as they remain adrift in the unknown regions of space.

Lost in Space began life as a 1960s TV series inspired by the 1812 novel Swiss Family Robinson. The Netflix series rebooted the concept, creating a grittier and less campy version of the 1960s show. The story follows the Robinson family, who is part of a mission aboard the Resolute, an interstellar spacecraft headed to the Alpha Centauri system. After aliens attack, though, the Robinsons escape the Resolute via their small range spacecraft, the Jupiter, which crash lands on a nearby habitable planet, stranding them there. The series doesn't just focus on the Robinsons, though. It also features a shady woman who gives her name as Dr. Smith, as well as a group of other survivors of the Resolute alien attack.

That Hashtag Show reports that at least two more characters will join Lost in Space for season 2. According to casting notices, Netflix is looking to cast a character for the series called Ava, a mechanically-inclined woman between her 20s and 40s who is "firm, hardworking and serious." Her story has something to do with Don, although it's not clear whether their interaction happens in the present or in flashbacks. The second character is Commander Jiang, the captain of the Resolute. The casting notice did not specify an age range, but did mention that she is "capable, stalwart and unsentimental." There is also no indication whether this character survived the alien attack on the Resolute and will appear in the present, or if the series will show her in flashbacks. Both characters are recurring.

So what does this mean for season 2? At the end of the season 1 finale, all hope seemed lost for the Robinsons, who got sucked into a wormhole while attempting to return to the Resolute. The family then found themselves staring at a star system that the alien robot had previously referred to as "Danger" with Will. Perhaps these new characters are part of a search and rescue team. It is also likely, though, that they are part of existing characters' backstories and will only appear in flashbacks.

With filming of season 2 beginning in September, perhaps Netflix will clarify these characters' roles soon. However, itt's more likely that fans won't know their true purpose until the new season airs on the streaming service in late 2019 or early 2020. That's a long wait, but fans believe that Lost in Space is a series worth waiting for.