The latest episode of Screen Rant's popular Pitch Meeting web series hilariously envisions how the concept of Mission: Impossible - Fallout was initially presented to Paramount Pictures. The Tom Cruise-led and produced franchise recently rolled out its sixth installment which was directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who returned behind-the-camera after helming 2015's Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

The movie saw Ethan Hunt hunting down fundamentalist John Lark, leading to a reunion with Solomon Lane two years after he captured him. Back with his usual IMF team, the franchise also added some new faces into the mix including Henry Cavill's CIA agent, Augustus Walker, Angela Bassett's CIA's new director Erica Sloane, and Vanessa Kirby as black market arms dealer known as White Widow. Thanks to good word-of-mouth, not to mention the much-talked-about action sequences highlighted in the trailers, Fallout posted the franchise's biggest opening weekend. Its success proved that at 56, Cruise continues to elevate his performance, further establishing his spot as one of Hollywood's most renowned action stars.

Posted on Screen Rant's official YouTube channel, Pitch Meeting host Ryan George once again played double duty as he imagines how the initial idea of Fallout convinced the executives at Paramount to green light the project. Aside from just tackling the latest film from the action-packed franchise, the skit also delved into the long history of the franchise, and the recycled tropes that fans have seen in several installments in the series. What makes this more hilarious is the fact that the fake studio executive seemed to have totally forgotten about the existence of the franchise despite the fact it's been going on for more than two decades. And of course, as always, fans will find the series' iconic tag: "super easy, barely an inconvenience" in the video. Check out the full sketch above.

While most of the points that George cited in the video are true - especially the part about the films basically having the same narrative structure, one would be hard to pressed to find any other franchise as consistently thrilling as Mission: Impossible. In this day and age of superhero dominance in Hollywood, it's very easy for a straight-up action film like Fallout to get lost in the mix. Further, people also often take for granted the fact that the Cruise and his team have always been devoted to minimal usage of green screens, not to mention death-defying stunts that the A-list actor mostly do himself.

After six films in the last 22 years, it'll be interesting to see where Cruise is looking to bring the franchise in the future. While he's not getting any younger, the fact that he's willing to push the envelope with regard to the Mission: Impossible franchise is very impressive. And if there's anything that Mission: Impossible - Fallout proved, it's that he has no plans of slowing down any time soon.