Paramount's Mission: Impossible - Fallout officially secures a release date for China. Tom Cruise's international spy franchise has become one of the best series of movies in recent years. Brad Bird helped relaunch the franchise with Ghost Protocol, but now Christopher McQuarrie is taking the franchise to new heights. The reactions and reviews to Fallout thus far have been overwhelmingly positive, which could propel it to new box office records.

The current estimates for Fallout point to it possibly having the best opening weekend for the series domestically with around $60 million. Worldwide though, the opening weekend may also set a franchise record. If it does, Fallout will do so without some major markets. The film hadn't even been confirmed to receive a Chinese release prior to its worldwide opening, but that has officially changed.

Variety reports Mission: Impossible - Fallout has received an August 31 release date in China. It had been expected that Fallout would be allowed to be shown in the territory, but now it's official. With the franchise continuing to become a bigger international draw, China has especially taken to the franchise and should further propel Fallout's box office total even higher.

China continues to be one of the biggest film markets in the world and their growth has greatly benefited Mission: Impossible. After earning less than $20 million combined on the first three films, the two most recent efforts have been huge Chinese hits. Ghost Protocol earned just over $100M, which was $30M more than Japan, the second highest grossing international territory. Audiences turned out even more for Rogue Nation, as it earned $135M. To put that into perspective, Japan and South Korea were the next biggest international markets with just over $40M each. While a similarly large increase can't be predicted at this point, Fallout should easily be able to count on an extra $100M from China. This could be extremely beneficial for this movie in particular. It was recently reported that Fallout's budget skyrocketed thanks to Tom Cruise's ankle injury while filming. The budget may be anywhere between $180-$250M depending on how much the insurance covers.

Although Cruise is the key to Mission: Impossible's success overseas, the cast is filled with other big names. Henry Cavill is a familiar face thanks to his role as Superman, and while those movies haven't been anywhere close to as well received as Fallout, each of his three DC appearances grossed around $100M in China. There's also familiar faces to the franchise like Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, and Ving Rhames. Cruise and the action is what really sells Fallout though, and if Chinese audiences enjoy the film as much as everyone else, some big receipt totals could be in the film's future.