The Spy Who Dumped Me stars Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon discuss working on the female-fronted action comedy and doing their own stunts. Both Kunis and McKinnon rose to prominence for roles on beloved television series: That 70s Show and Saturday Night Live, respectively. However, both have also transitioned to film, making names for themselves in a variety of comedies. Kunis, for her part, has also dabbled in drama with Black Swan and sci-fi/action in Jupiter Ascending. Meanwhile, McKinnon has also appeared in a variety of genre films, co-starring in the Ghostbusters reboot and Netflix's drama Irreplaceable You. Now, the pair unite for the first time in the buddy action comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me.

Directed by Susanna Fogel, The Spy Who Dumped Me stars Kunis and McKinnon as 30-something best friends Audrey and Morgan who get pulled into the world of espionage when Audrey discovers her ex-boyfriend Drew (Justin Theroux) is actually a spy. Together, the duo head to Europe where they must complete a mission, but with other spies making contact - including Sebastian (Sam Heughan) and Duffer (Hasan Minaj) - it's unclear who exactly they can trust. Still, at the end of they day, Audrey and Morgan have each other and the friends get up to some hilarious hijinks as they navigate the spy world.

Now, Screen Rant sat down with The Spy Who Dumped Me stars Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon to discuss how they brought their characters' relationship to life and the stunts they got to do on the action comedy.

Screen Rant: First off, I wanted to say I loved the movie, I laughed so much.

Kate McKinnon: Molly!

Mila Kunis: Thank you!

Kate McKinnon: Thank you.

Screen Rant: No problem. So I heard - well, your characters’ friendship is so core to this movie and I heard you guys hadn’t met before filming, so what was it like jumping into that?

Kate McKinnon: It was so easy and natural. It was kind of creepy. It was like instant.

Mila Kunis: It was easy.

Kate McKinnon: Something about it just worked and it was like, ‘Well, great, we don’t have to work on this part.’

Mila Kunis: I think we balance each other well.

Screen Rant: And what was it like working with director Susanna Fogel to develop your characters?

Kate McKinnon: I had a wonderful time. She’s very collaborative, and I had some like ideas about the character from the first draft of the script and we really worked together and she really listened to me and what I thought this person was all about. And then kind of like tweaked it in the most wonderful way. So I had the best time.

Screen Rant: What was one idea that you brought to your character?

Mila Kunis: One idea!? Girl, good luck on that one.

Kate McKinnon: Oh gosh, I don’t quite remember.

Mila Kunis: So many. Your job, you changed your career from the original. Your intro changed a lot, you made her so much more fun. I feel like before she was just kind of like this weird, kooky girl that did lots of different voices and pretended to be lots of different people. And then you gave her a beautiful back story.

Kate McKinnon: Well it was actually Susanna’s idea to deepen it in that way and write that scene where we like had our moment of - where I sort of got emo. That was all her.

Mila Kunis: Oh well, then I got nothing. Kate brought nothing.

Screen Rant: Ok well, you guys had a lot stunts in the film. Did you get to do any of your own stunts and if so, what was your favorite one?

Kate McKinnon: Super fun stuff to do.

Mila Kunis: We did as much as we legally could, I can honestly say. All the car stuff we did inside the car while the car was being driven on the roof. It was like go-karting. There was a person on the roof in a [cage] with a helmet go-karting our car. And Kate and I were just—

Kate McKinnon: More of a bumper car, wouldn’t you say.

Mila Kunis: Bumper cars, yeah, around the cobblestone streets of Budapest in 110 degree weather.

Kate McKinnon: God, this car was swerving and it really felt like it was just going to go like that [makes flipping gestures]. But it didn’t.

Mila Kunis: And every time it hit its breaks, I was like, ‘That’s the end of my life!’

The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) release date: Aug 03, 2018