Michael Fassbender set to develop an epic Irish mythological film about the legendary Irish hero Cú Chulainn

Five years ago your spy informed you that Michael Fassbender is preparing an epic film on Irish hero CUCHULAIN. Speaking to British Digital Spy Fassy, who is currently portraying another hero from Assassins' Creed in cinemas, has revealed last week that he is still working on that project, but it seems the theme has spread to wider Irish mythology, as a big screen movie now called IRISH MYTHS. The epic movie would be based on the rich world of ancient Irish mythology with Cuchulain, Gaelic parallel to Greek Achilles, being one of the characters from the world in which men and women fight as equals alongside each other and the connection to nature and the animal world is a very real one.

Cuchulain is the central character in the Ulster Cycle, an epic series of Old Irish legends that date from around the 8th century. Set in the northern part of Ireland, the saga relates the story of the Ulaid tribe headed by King Conchobar, and particularly its conflict with the rival Connachta tribe led by Queen Mebh. The most prominent figure in the legends is Conchobar's nephew Cuchulain, who has semi-divine ancestry and superhuman fighting skills. In the most famous story, known as the Cattle Raid of Cooley, he is the only man capable of resisting the vast army sent by Medb to steal Conchobar's prized white bull.
Source: Hollywood Spy

Not too huge of news, but interesting nonetheless.