Matt Reeves is just beginning to work on The Batman and has confirmed that Ben Affleck will star as the Dark Knight. Coming out of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Affleck’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne was deemed one of the best parts. Safe to say, he was able to drastically change the perception fans had of him in the role after being discounted for his ability when he was first hired. It was thanks to his performance that audiences became increasingly excited for his standalone film — especially one that at the time he was scheduled to direct and write.

Things have since changed with Affleck focusing on simply starring in The Batman, with Matt Reeves stepping into the fold as director. Even with him involved, his task looked to be potentially daunting with rumors of Affleck wanting out of his new DC role. Thankfully for fans, the DCEU, and Reeves, no one has to worry about whether or not Affleck will star anymore.

In an interview with Getty, Reeves was asked about the status of The Batman and whether or not he would have Affleck’s talents at his disposal. He could not give away much in the way of details about the film as he says they are only just beginning — now that he’s completed War for the Planet of the Apes — but he was able to confirm Affleck’s involvement as the star.

“Yeah, right now that’s exactly what’s going on, for sure.”

This should put to rest any rumors of Affleck wanting out of the role moving forward. And now that Justice League is coming together and anticipation for that film is rising, it is hardly surprising to know for certain that Affleck will stay behind the cowl for the solo effort.

Losing Affleck would’ve been a huge blow to the DCEU, especially if Justice League is not only financially successful, but (more importantly?) is critically praised. The DCEU is in the midst of its first wave of overwhelming positivity following Wonder Woman‘s debut, so the less change going on behind the scenes, the better. Plus, Affleck is already considered by some to be the best live-action Batman, so keeping him around is paramount to the universe’s potential.

Reeves and Affleck will join forces early next year to start work on The Batman, prior to it likely debuting in theaters in 2019. They currently have over six months to finish developing the movie before cameras will roll, so even if Affleck has any further reservations about the part, this new duo will have time to make everyone involved confident.