One of the biggest sci-fi hits of all-time kicked off in 1999 when Warner Bros. brought Keanu Reeves into a leading role in The Matrix. The Wachowskis’ visual style breathed new life into the genre, right at the time when computers and the internet began to explode. While the first franchise entry stands as one of the best movies in the genre, the series came to disappointing and confusing end with the two subsequent sequels.

Still, the disdain for the sequels has not deterred love of the original in the slightest over the years, and there has long been an interest to see more from the Matrix world. Well, it appears Warner Bros. is interested in exploring the Matrix again and has a leading man in mind already.

THR is reporting that WB is in the early stages of development on a reboot of The Matrix. They are currently courting Zak Penn to write a treatment, with his previous work including The Avengers, X-Men, and Ready Player One. As for their star, they are reportedly already eyeing Michael B. Jordan to take on the lead role this time around. However, one movie is not enough for them, with WB hoping The Matrix reboot can become its own universe and spawn multiple sequels and spinoffs.

This is not the first time rumors of a Matrix reboot have surfaced. Nearly three years ago, rumors pointed to the Wachowskis handing in early treatments to WB that would launch a new trilogy in the universe. However, today’s report says that the former directing duo are not, as of this time, involved with the project, but that could always change as it develops.

If WB is truly looking at this as a reboot, it would make sense to abandon the creative team behind the original franchise and start new. Should this project materialize, being able to land Jordan in the lead would be quite the get for the studio. He is one of the rising stars in Hollywood recently after Creed crushed in 2015, and could break out even further with a villain role in Black Panther. He not only has the acting chops to make the out-of-this-world concept believable, but also the action background necessary to try to replicate, if not top, the fights from the original.

That all said, The Matrix reboot is in the early stages and appears to be a very fluid development process. Things could certainly change and evolve over time, but WB’s thought process of expanding the franchise could be interesting and point to some connectivity between the original film(s) and the new ones. After all, Reeves just recently said that he would be open to a return as Neo, but not under these reported circumstances. Either way, this is certainly an interesting development for the franchise and something to pay attention to moving forward.