After word that President Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame might be removed, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill suggests that Carrie Fisher should receive a star to fill his place. Trump's actions have no doubt been controversial since he took office and several celebrities, including Hamill, have taken to social media to speak out against him.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a highly sought after landmark for tourists who visit Los Angeles, CA. Hollywood obviously has a rich history in the film business and the Walk of Fame is the perfect spot for tourists to get a blast from the past. As most people know, the stars on the Walk of Fame are often taken as a symbol for a celebrity making it big. When someone gets their own star on Hollywood Blvd, it makes headlines and is considered a big deal in the entertainment industry. Trump was inducted into the Walk of Fame on January 15, 2007 due to him being a business magnate and producing shows like the Miss Universe Pageants and The Apprentice. Now that his star could potentially be removed, Hamill knows just who should replace him.

Taking to Twitter to suggest the idea, Hamill thinks that Fisher should get a star on the Walk of Fame if they remove Trump's. Hamill's comments come on the heels of Trump's star on the Walk of Fame being desecrated once again. And because of the president's comments on social media and in the press over the years, the West Hollywood City Council is planning to vote on the star's potential removal, citing "disturbing treatment of women and other actions that do not meet the shared values of the City of West Hollywood, the region, state, and country."

Since Trump has taken office, and even while he was running for President, his Hollywood star has been vandalized on multiple occasions and even destroyed twice. Most recently, a person took a pickax to Trump's star and then turned himself over to the authorities. While removing Trump's star will be a controversial move, to say the least, it's surprising that Fisher has not yet received one herself.

Before her death, Fisher was not just a huge movie star, but she was also an advocate for mental health. Although she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and suffered from addiction, Fisher was very outspoken about her beliefs on mental health and was a beacon of hope for others struggling with mental illnesses. Of course, it's worth noting that someone has to be nominated to receive a star in the first place, and then another person (perhaps the same one) has to pay the fee in order to have it created. It's a relatively simple process, but the committee doesn't just decide to give an actor or actress a star because they want to, although there's nothing preventing them from doing just that.

Fisher has no doubt become a symbol of the Star Wars franchise, which is why Leia Organa returned for the sequel trilogy. General Leia played a much bigger role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and, despite passing away on December 2016, it was recently announced that Leia would be returning for Star Wars: Episode IX by using deleted scenes from the previous Star Wars films. While not everyone will agree on Trump's star being removed, most would agree with Hamill that Fisher has earned her place among the stars.