The newest installment of Screen Rant's Pitch Meeting video series tackles Man of Steel. Released in 2013 and directed by Zack Snyder, the film officially kicked off DC Films' own interconnected film franchise unofficially known as the DCEU. It also debuted a brand new big screen Superman played by Henry Cavill.

Man of Steel established the origin story of DCEU's version of Superman. At that point, it had been seven years since fans last saw the iconic superhero on the big screen with Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. While Man of Steel was a financial success for Warner Bros., grossing more than $668 million worldwide with a budget of just $225 million, it was met with mixed reviews. It was lauded for its stunning visuals (something that Snyder is known for) and Hans Zimmer's fantastic score, but some criticized it for its poor pacing, narrative issues and lack of character development - especially for the titular character.

In the latest episode of Screen Rant's popular YouTube series titled Pitch Meeting, host Ryan George jokingly imagines how Man of Steel was pitched to Warner Bros. Citing several narrative points in the film that don't make sense, including the 40-minute fight between Superman and General Zod in the middle of bustling Metropolis in the movie's third act and the underdeveloped romantic relationship between Clark and Lois Lane, the video is sure to entertain both fans and critics of the movie. Of course, the clip also utilizes the skit's iconic tagline "super easy, barely an inconvenience" in a clever way. Watch it above.

Despite the issues in Man of Steel, one would be hard pressed to find anyone who isn't interested in a sequel. For a character who launched the DCEU, Superman appears to be continuously sidelined by Warner Bros. with no concrete plans for the hero's future in the franchise. Even his supposed cameo in next year's Shazam! starring Zachary Levi and Asher Angel was reportedly scrapped. This means that it may take a few more years until fans saw Cavill as the Last Son of Krypton again on the big screen. The actor is said to be in the middle of contract renegotiations with the studio which explains why there's no official news with regard to Man of Steel 2. However, with the film series just slowly starting to find its footing, not to mention persistent rumors that Ben Affleck may not return as Batman, can DC Films really afford to risk losing another actor playing one of their most important players?

To be fair to Warner Bros. and DC Films, they really haven't come out with an official revamped slate and it's probably because they're taking their time in figuring out what to do with the DCEU. The franchise just came off its first financial failure in Justice League - a movie which could've easily been a $1 billion earner, instead it's become the series' lowest grosser. Considering everything that happened to the DCEU, it's more reassuring to know that they're carefully planning what's going to happen in the future rather than trying to fast-track the process of building their own cinematic universe.