[SPOILERS for The Defenders ahead.]

Marvel has unveiled the first look at Misty Knight’s new bionic arm, which will debut in season 2 of Luke Cage. The moment Simone Missick was cast as Detective Mercedes ‘Misty’ Knight in season 1 of Luke Cage, fans began speculating how and when she would gain her signature bionic arm. In the comics, it was a gift from Tony Stark, but that seemed unlikely on the show. While Luke Cage season 1 teased her eventual amputation, it wasn’t until The Defenders that the moment finally arrived.
During an attempt to save Colleen Wing from Bakuto, Misty finally lost her right arm. The denouement of the show’s finale then saw the detective recovering in a hospital room paid for by Danny Rand and featuring some Easter eggs, referencing Marvel medical professionals from the comics. Given the news that Misty will be appearing in Iron Fist season 2, it seemed likely that she would gain her bionic arm thanks to this facility and begin using it when Iron Fist continues. Now, we know Misty and her new arm will not only arrive sooner, but we have an early look at the upgrade.
EW has released a new photo from season 2 of Luke Cage, pairing the bulletproof superhero with Misty and highlighting her bionic arm:

The comics feature Misty losing her arm in a bomb blast, only for Stark to give her a new one that features super-strength and all sorts of weaponry. It’s unlikely anything other than a little extra strength will come with this arm, but future upgrades are almost guaranteed. We’ll also likely see the arm’s look change over the years, but there are nods to both Misty’s silver and gold arms from the comics in the new appendage, as presented here.
While the reveal may seem like it’s coming out of nowhere, there’s a good chance Marvel has released it ahead of outdoor filming that would reveal the arm and Missick’s involvement. We saw a similar move with Deadpool 2, where Domino and Cable were officially revealed the same day set photos arrived featuring the new cast members. Likewise, David Tennant’s return as Kilgrave for the second season of Jessica Jones preempted set photos of the character filming a scene.
The image also seems to indicate Misty will have a larger role in the Marvel/Netflix universe moving forward. Her inclusion in two separate shows could point towards a Daughters of the Dragon spinoff. It may also hint that she’ll be tying the worlds of Luke and Danny Rand together, laying the foundation for the Heroes for Hire. While there’s no release date yet for season 2 of Luke Cage, the continuation of production means we should know more soon.