Remember how Alejandro González Iñárritu and Emmanuel Lubezki pulled off a brilliant cinematic trick when they made “Birdman” look like it was shot in a single extended take? Well, on January 19, Woody Harrelson did something unprecedented when he actually shot an entire film in a single take for the course of two hours and live streamed it directly into 500 cinemas in the United States and one in the UK. Now, Harrelson’s directorial debut experiment will screen at London’s Picturehouse Central cinemas next month.

Written, directed, produced and starring Harrelson, “Lost in London” is based on true events that took place during a “wild night” the actor had in the English capital back in 2012, that led to the actor being arrested. Harrelson was in London starring in the West End play “On an Average Day.” “Too much of this is true,” reads a tagline on the trailer. The live comedy co-stars Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson.

“Lost in London” opens at Picturehouse Central on May 1, and will have a week’s run in select London theaters, starring May 5. Check out the trailer below.