The first season of “Legion” was filled with eerie and disorienting visuals, but the Devil with the Yellow Eyes was arguably the most jarring. In a newly-released behind the scenes video, the creative team reveals how they brought this nightmare to life.

“Legion” creator Noah Hawley recently spoke with our sister site TVLine about why the first glimpses of the Devil with the Yellow Eyes in the pilot were so chilling, and some of the inspirations behind the beast.

“It’s compelling because it’s such a horrifying image, and we know that it means something, but we don’t know what it means,” he said. “In the way, in “Twin Peaks,” that those first images of Bob… you would see things. I talked a lot about how, in “Mulholland Drive,” that scene in the [diner] is one of the scariest scenes ever committed to film. It’s daylight, it’s a conversation, there’s nothing frightening in it. But there’s something about the oddness, the uncanniness of the scene. So we always looked at that as an opportunity.”

Watch the behind the scenes clip below: