Legends of Tomorrow has some beastly plans for season 4: The CW series is currently looking for an actor to take on a wolf creature type of role. Although The CW has not released a name for this creature, the role is a recurring one for next season.

With John Constantine joining the cast as a regular on Legends of Tomorrow, this supernatural creature is probably one of many that will face the team on the Waverider. Cast and crew are already promising a "weirder" season, and with Constantine on board, that means the team will have to face a lot of supernatural creatures. Season 3 set up that kind of storytelling with the time demon Mallus, but the finale hinted Sara and the gang will now have an entire host of magical beasts to face. The season finale ended with Constantine ruining the team's vacation by appearing suddenly with the severed head of a dragon.

That Hashtag Show reports The CW is now looking for a wolf creature to add to that magical mix. The site describes the character:

"The time-traveling DC series is currently looking to cast a Wolf Creature, as they are looking for a male or female in their late 20-40s of any ethnicity to play this recurring guest character. Whoever gets cast would have a series regular option for a potential fifth season. Described as a massively strong and formidable athlete, this actor is the opposite of their character in their daily life. Though the so-called monster is aggressive and frightening, they manage to ally tentatively with the Waverider crew."

The character is a recurring one, meaning it is potentially someone the team will have to fight more than once. It is more likely, though, that this is a character who will eventually join the group on board the Waverider, as indicated by the report. The character does have an "alter ego" suggesting a werewolf, one that sees things in "black and white" and lacks basic "social skills." Anger and extreme emotions are what will trigger the change into the wolf creature.

Although this wolf creature is potentially an original one created just for the series, it could find some basis in existing DC Comics characters. One possibility is Timber Wolf, who is a member of the Legion of Superheroes in the 30th century. He is the result of his father's experiments, which gave him enhanced werewolf abilities. With the future Legion of Superheroes having already appeared on Supergirl, it's not a stretch to expect another member of that group to turn up on Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow already offers a revolving door of characters. The show set itself up to allow characters to come and go from the Waverider as they please. This allows the series to continually reinvent itself, which often gives it a chance to introduce new characters, giving it a fresh take with each new season.