Director Terence Nance is in talks to helm Space Jam 2, starring LeBron James. For years, a sequel to the 1996 fan-favorite film has been in development, though it has yet to come in fruition. The closest it got was back in 2016, when filmmaker Justin Lin reportedly signed on to call the shots. Despite his involvement, Space Jam 2 never got past the hypothetical stage, with Lin last updating the project's progress last summer.

More recently, however, Space Jam 2 seems likely to finally become a reality. Rumors suggested James would unveil a teaser trailer for the film as part of his highly-anticipated free agency decision, though that unfortunately didn't come to pass. Still, the new Los Angeles Laker is keen on becoming a force in Hollywood, and now his much-discussed movie looks to be taking a major step forward.

It would appear talks with Lin fell through at some point, seeing that The Wrap reports Nance (best known for the HBO series Random Acts of Flyness) is in "advanced negotiations" for the Space Jam 2 gig. Should he officially come onboard, he would draw from a script written by Andrew Dodge. Charlie Ebersol remains attached as a producer.

Before fans get too excited by this development, it is worth mentioning we've been here before with Space Jam 2, so it remains to be seen if Nance will finalize a deal with Warner Bros. Even in the event he does, production on the film wouldn't be able to begin for a while. Soon, James is going to have to turn his attention to the 2018-19 NBA season, which runs until at least April. If the Lakers qualify for the playoffs this year (which is highly possible since James is on the roster), then he could be tied up until May or June. It's possible, then, filming on Space Jam 2 will commence next summer when James is free during the offseason.

Regardless, it sounds like WB is still interested in the sequel, and for good reason. The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues with a global outreach, and James is its biggest star (much like Jordan was when Space Jam came out). Plus, there's a nostalgia factor at play. The kids who grew up with the original are now of an age where a Space Jam 2 could become a cross-generational moviegoing event, which would help the film become a commercial success. Hopefully, the movie becomes a reality in the near future as James looks to leave his mark on the entertainment industry.