The new season of Twin Peaks continues to roll towards production, now with David Lynch project veteran Laura Dern in tow.

TVLine has reported as much, citing exclusive sources, and mentioning the theory that Dern could play the until now entirely off-screen "Diane."

Dern has worked with Lynch on a number of projects in the past. These include Wild at Heart, and Inland Empire, as well as one of Lynch's other Kyle MacLachlan led projects Blue Velvet.

Should Dern fill the rumored role which some fans believe may not even be a real person within the show's fiction it would once again pair her with MacLachlan as the secretary of the latter actor's character.

We learned recently Sherilyn Fenn will reprise her Twin Peaks role as Audrey Horne in the upcoming show.

We'll know more when the show, entirely penned and directed by series co-creators Lynch and Mark Frost, premieres on Showtime next year.