The first trailer for the Saoirse Ronan-led Lady Bird has officially been unveiled. After years of establishing herself as both a capable actress and writer, there are few names in the independent film scene who have garnered the same kind of credibility that Greta Gerwig has. While she’s likely most well-known for her work with writer and director Noah Baumbach thanks to critically-acclaimed collaborations like Frances Ha and Mistress America, Gerwig has been branching out on her own more and more over the past few years. Coming off of strong performances in films like 20th Century Women and Jackie last year, Gerwig looks ready to make yet another important, noteworthy step forward in her career.

As such, the writer and actress will be returning to the big screen yet again this year, but this time behind the camera for her directorial debut, titled Lady Bird. The writer/director has partnered up with A24 (possibly the most reliable studio working in the entertainment industry today) to release the film – and that, in combination with a reportedly stunning performance by Ronan as the film’s lead, has helped the film to emerge as one of the more promising, wild card end-of-year awards contenders.

Following some early festival premieres last week, A24 has officially revealed the first trailer for Lady Bird online. For anyone familiar with Gerwig’s work, the film looks to fit in particularly well with some of her previous written efforts, as it follows a sometimes infuriating protagonist during an important transitionary moment in her life. You can check out the first trailer for Lady Bird for yourself in the space above.

Not only is Gerwig one of the more singular and respected voices in the indie scene right now, but Ronan has proven herself to be one of the more charismatic and talented actresses of her generation (see her work in Atonement, Hanna and Brooklyn, among other films). It doesn’t come as much of a surprise then, that a collaboration between the two looks to have created a movie that will not only appeal to the more diehard fans of Gerwig’s work, but an even more widespread demographic.

Early buzz for Lady Bird so far has many critics calling it yet another noteworthy outing from Gerwig, who has apparently worked with Ronan to create one of the more compelling and complicated lead heroines in recent memory. So should that praise and buzz be replicated when Lady Bird hits theaters later this November, with A24 backing it (coming off their Best Picture win at the Oscars for Moonlight), the film could very well be one of this year’s last minute additions to the awards pool. It wouldn’t be the first time, after all, that Ronan has managed to receive recognition by the Academy for her work.