The new Superman “prequel” series Krypton is to be filmed in the same city as Game of Thrones. First reports of the SyFy TV show came back in 2014, when it was announced that screenwriter David S. Goyer (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman) was in the process of developing a new series set on Superman’s homeworld. Since then, the details regarding the show have gradually trickled out during its long development.

The series will focus on the past generations of the Zod and El families and wouldn’t tie into the current CW Arrowverse shows such as Supergirl. Set well before the cataclysm that destroyed the planet, the story will concentrate on the lead-up to the breakdown in Kryptonian society and how the Man of Steel’s ancestors were involved.

According to the BBC, the production of Krypton has now taken a significant step forward, with filming is due to take place in Northern Ireland’s city of Belfast this summer.

Northern Ireland has become a popular filming location for international crews in recent years, with HBO’s Game of Thrones among its best-known productions, which is also shot in Belfast at the Titanic Studios. That particular show has made certain locations in Ireland exceedingly popular with the tourist trade, although it seems unlikely that the Irish countryside will be used to stand in for the surface of Krypton in the same way.

The Krypton development marks a further boom for the country’s film and TV industry, marking the completion of the $25m Belfast Harbour complex, which includes two film studios, workshops and production offices. Krypton will be the first major project to be filmed there.

Krypton will premiere on Syfy at some point in 2018, although the exact date and details are not yet known. A recently leaked teaser trailer for the pilot didn’t give too much away about the content, but certain moments definitely felt comparable to the prologue sequence of Man of Steel with similar technology and landscapes. The cast includes Cameron Cuffe who plays Seg-El (Jor-El’s father and Kal-El’s grandfather) and Georgina Campbell as Lyta Zod. Now the show has a permanent home for its full series run, this will hopefully lead to a confirmation date for screening and further footage being released.

Krypton will air sometime on the SyFy channel during 2018.