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Thread: The knick is looking for a new director for seasons 3 and 4

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    The knick is looking for a new director for seasons 3 and 4

    The Steven Soderbergh directed historical medical drama The Knick is in need of a new filmmaker.

    Viewers of the show know that The Knick season two ended on a radical change, and the director has explained that this was all planned out from the beginning. The intention now is that a different helmsperson will step forth for seasons three and four, with the show changing hands every two years.

    Indiewire went into great, spoiler-filled depth with Soderbergh about the second season's resolution. He also assured fans that showrunners Jack Amiel and Michael Begler are already plotting out new stories, and have a list of potential filmmakers to pull in for the foreseeable future.

    Beyond that, it's tough to say where the Cinemax series is going. Soberbergh explained that whosoever takes over after him will "have maximum freedom to come in and just go , I want to wipe the slate clean.
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    Man, Soderbergh did such a good job. It'll definitely be quite a tough act to follow, but that burden is mostly on the producers.

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