Killer Instinct: Season 3’s roster is set and fans can expect returning characters and more guests.

Speaking in an interview on Twitch (via Shoryuken), Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Isgreen confirmed the barbarian with a sword Tusk in Season 3. The character first appeared in 1996’s Killer Instinct 2.

Tusk joins Kim Wu and Battletoad’s Rash in Killer Instinct: Season 3’s roster, which will include at least one more guest character, according to Isgreen.

Fans of Killer Instinct bosses Eyedol and Gargos will be disappointed as those characters likely won’t be coming to Killer Instinct: Season 3.

“Eyedol is tough. It’s like this weird Harryhausen monster with satyr legs and a giant club and he had like two moves and he was super cheap,” Isgreen said.

Isgreen also mentioned a couple of the characters are going to be “reworked” in Season 3, but he stopped short of saying which characters. Aganos and Glacius were ruled out because they will be receiving lesser “tweaks”.

Check out the full lengthy interview for even more details regarding the upcoming characters and potential new content coming to Killer Instinct: Season 3, which will release in March 2016 for Xbox One and PC.