Kevin Smith loves comic books as much as anybody, so it's not surprising that he has an opinion on The Flash movie that can't seem to hold on to a director. He's got an idea for a director for the film that just might work. There's a director with experience directing a comic book movie about a character with a smart mouth and he's currently not doing anything. On a recent podcast, Smith and his co-host Marc Bernardin agreed that Deadpool's Tim Miller would be a solid choice to take over The Flash.

As part of his regular Fatman on Batman podcast, Kevin Smith and co-host Marc Bernardin discussed all things comic book, including his own work on a couple of CW superhero shows, but they also touch on the recent departure of Rick Famuyiwa from The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller. The film has now seen three directors come and go. Several different directors are mentioned, including the Wachowski Siblings, Edgar Wright, and Attack the Block's Joe Cornish, but then Bernardin almost accidently drops the name of Tim Miller and Smith jumps on board.

It's sort of a brilliant idea when you think about it. While Flash doesn't generally use the level of language that Deadpool is known for, Barry Allen is still known for being as fast a talker as he is a runner. The word is that the reason that Tim Miller made the decision to exit Deadpool 2 is because he and star Ryan Reynolds had different opinions about the tone and style of the movie. The Flash would still give him the chance to make the comic book movie he'd probably like to make, while also being able to have some fun with the movie, as he did with Deadpool. The Flash would be a more special effects heavy type of movie than we expect Deadpool 2 to be and that appears to be one of Miller's passions.

The Flash needs to go into pre-production pretty soon if it wants to make its early 2018 release date. This could also have larger repercussions as The Flash isn't simply one movie, of course, it's part of the DC Extended Universe and any problems with getting one movie off the ground could cause delays for the entire franchise.

You can check out the full Fatman on Batman comments starting at around the 18:30 mark.