It sometimes feels like a thousand years since Jean Reno teamed up with Natalie Portman for Leon. He's now sharing the screen with Katie Holmes in a new action thriller called Doorman.

Lior Chefetz, Joe Swanson and Harry Winer wrote the script, which will find Holmes as an officer in the Marines looking to recover from traumatic events while out serving her country. Seeking refuge in a seemingly easy job as a doorman at a historic New York apartment building, all seems quiet until mercenaries stage an attack, looking to find precious art hidden in the walls of the building. Naturally, the military woman will be called into action.

Ryűhei Kitamura is preparing to direct the film, which already sounds like it fits into the sub-genre of "Die Hard In A...". But we don't yet know whether Reno will be someone who comes to Holmes' aid, or part of the team breaking in...

Holmes will next be seen in The Gift and Ocean's Eight. Reno has recently worked on The Adventurers.