Warner Bros. is two months away from Justice League hitting theaters and appear to have held a secret test screening of the film for a select few. After years of planning and a few movies of build-up, the release of Justice League is almost here. Following in the footsteps of Wonder Woman , the hope is that the team-up will continue to move the DC Extended Universe in a positive direction. However, trying to achieve that has not come without making some unforeseen changes.

WB overhauled the film weeks before filming began in the aftermath of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ‘s divisive reception. Zack Snyder took control of this new vision up until his departure , and Joss Whedon has since been reshooting the film to some degree. With so many changes taking place on Justice League, it appears WB screened the film to get feedback on where it currently stands.

As pointed out by Twitter user Steele131 , Warner Bros. held a screening for Justice League last night. Thanks to the Non-Disclosure Agreements each viewer had to sign to see the film, there are no direct reactions so these lucky few do not fall victim to lawsuits. But, test screenings happening now confirms that some sort of cut exists for Justice League as they gear up for press screenings next month.

Looks like Justice League screened tonight... pic.twitter.com/tJq2JNldm5
— Lindsay (@Steele131) September 20, 2017
Since viewers can’t reveal their thoughts on the film, any reactions to it will come from second hand sources. One of the pictures included in the tweet has one user citing an unnamed person who attended saying it was “fine.” With many wanting this movie to be great, “fine” will not cut it for most. But, this is supposedly the thought of only one anonymous person, so this should not be taken as any validation of the movie’s quality.

Everyone will obviously get to determine that for themselves come November 17th, but press screenings should happen in the week(s) leading up. When the embargo drops could be a telling sign as always, with an early embargo lift typically signaling a studio being confident that reviews will be strong, while later may signal the opposite. However, with a movie filled with as many potential spoilers as Justice League that would inevitably leak, Warner Bros. may elect to do screenings and lift the embargo closer to the release date to avoid such things from happening.

Regardless of the reactions to this screening or when actual reactions will surface, this really just shows that Justice League is moving along fine. If they have a cut of the film at this point that will somewhat resemble what hits theaters, that should further confirm that Whedon is no longer still filming the movie and is now firmly in editing mode. All we can hope for is that the response from this screening was helpful and pointed out anything that may need to be changed in the coming weeks.