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Thread: Journey To The West 2 (2017) Is coming soon

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    Exclamation Journey To The West 2 (2017) Is coming soon

    A monk and his disciples travel to the West to exorcise demonic possessions, but first need to understand their own personal anxieties. Tsui Hark directed this historical fantasy epic.

    Rating: PG-13 (for fantasy action violence, some suggestive content, rude humor and thematic elements)
    Genre: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction & Fantasy
    Directed By: Hark Tsui
    Written By: Stephen Chow
    In Theaters: Feb 3, 2017 Limited
    Box Office: $870,451.00
    Runtime: 109 minutes
    Studio: Star Overseas

    Kris Wu as Tang Seng
    Lin Gengxin as Sun Wukong
    Yao Chen as Jiu Gong
    Lin Yun as White Bone Spirit
    Yang Yiwei as Zhu Bajie
    Mengke Bateer as Sha Wujing
    Wang Likun as Spider Demon
    Bao Bei'er as King
    Wang Duo as handsome Zhu Bajie
    Da Peng as Taoist Priest

    This movie is the last of The Monkey King to be released (for now), all the films of The Monkey King are epic and the most important thing in this film is that it is a very old Chinese story and Akira Toriyama was based on this story to create The immortal and well-known anime by anyone in the world: Dragon Ball.

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