Former Marvel director Joss Whedon has nothing but exceptionally nice things to say about Thor: Ragnarok. As much as Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is responsible for shaping the MCU, Joss Whedon helped to shape the universeís narrative substantially as well. While Iron Man set the tone for the movies to come, Whedonís work on The Avengers is what catapulted Marvel to the top of Hollywood. From there, the director continued to oversee the growth of the universe alongside Feige.

Following the toll that Avengers: Age of Ultron took on Whedon, the director stepped down from his post at Marvel. It also emerged that he and the studio didnít exactly see eye to eye on the film, which explains why he stepped away from Marvelís film production house after that. Luckily, Whedon still seems to hold a positive opinion of Marvel Cinematic Universe films in general, at least when they have the right diretor attached.

Joss Whedon tweeted out his review of Ragnarok and was not shy about effusively praising the film and Waititiís direction. If youíre wondering whether Whedon found the movie to be funny, he calls it hilarious not once, but thrice, as you can see below:

Though Whedon may have moved over to DC to help shape Justice League and eventually make Batgirl, his love for Marvel hasnít diminished. Heís also a director who knows a thing or two about blending spectacle with humor and heart, meaning he can appreciate Waititiís work.

Itís also not surprising to hear Whedon loves the new Thor movie. After all, Thor: Ragnarok was Certified Fresh yesterday with an overwhelming 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. If that holds, it will easily be Marvel Studiosí best-reveiwed film. The critical praise and early looks at the movie have also been driving up its box office potential. Itís set to open big domestically next week, and has had an excellent international rollout already.

Given the praise the film has received and the big numbers it seems destined to pull in, Ragnarok has already significantly improved the Thor franchiseís standing. Likewise, Waititi will have a long future with Marvel, if he wants it. We already know James Gunn is helping to shape the future of the MCU thanks to his work on the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and its easy to see Waititi getting his own piece of the Marvel pie after his work on Thor: Ragnarok.