‘John Wick 2′ Gets New Title, Setting; 2017 Release Date Confirmed

Information has been trickling in about John Wick 2, the sequel to the surprise action hit that starred Keanu Reeves as a skilled assassin who kills most of the Russian mafia in New York City after some dipshit scion kills the puppy that Wick’s wife left him before she died. We learned early on that a handful of the co-stars from the first film, including John Leguizamo, Ian McShane, Bridget Moynihan, and Lance Reddick of Fringe and The Wire, would be returning to their original roles. Since, the film has added a hefty number of new supporting actors, ranging from Ruby Rose and Laurence Fishburne to Peter Stormare and Common, the latter of which will play one of his main rivals. On top of this, the film is keeping half of its original directing duo, with Chad Stahelski now helming solo, and writer Derek Kolstad returning to pen the sequel.

Now, we’re getting into the more important stuff, such as a new title, release date, and setting. Exhibitor Relations, who report regularly on box office matters, took to Twitter today to say that the sequel, now known as John Wick: Chapter Two, will be released on February 10th, 2017 in theaters nationwide. Beyond that, the film now has a new European place of business, with the tweet announcing that Reeves’ superior hitman will be kicking “Italian ass” in Rome in the upcoming sequel. It’s a nice move, giving the new film a new landscape to investigate, as well as a new place filled with a whole other series of villains to go head-to-head with in hand-to-hand, or bullet-to-bullet, combat. What’s unclear is how the original characters, tied to the New York hotel where Wick and other assassins prefer, will factor into the shift in setting. Time will tell, and we’ve got plenty of time to wait before John Wick: Chapter Two hits the big screen for all to see.

Source: Collider