It’s been over five years since Jason Momoa debuted as Khal Drogo on Game Of Thrones, but the actor’s magnetic turn as the Dothraki warrior remains one of the series’ most memorable performances. Momoa has parlayed his breakout performance on Thrones into more prominent roles in recent years, having landed the part of Aquaman in Batman V Superman as well as the upcoming Justice League team-up and Aquaman solo vehicle.

Momoa is also assuming a leading role on the small screen. Netflix has pegged him to star in the streaming giant’s new drama Frontier, which is produced by Discovery Canada. The series, which follows the battle to “control wealth and power in the North American fur trade in the late 18th century,” debuts on Discovery Canada in November with a six-episode first season.

Netflix is so confident in Frontier, and Momoa’s starring performance as ruthless, charismatic fur trader Declan Harp, that it has already bought in for more of the show before it even debuts. THR is reporting that Netflix has renewed Frontier for a second season, 12 days before the Nov. 6 series premiere.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in the Justice League trailer Jason Momoas Netflix Series Frontier Already Renewed For Season 2
Discovery Canada vice president and GM Ken MacDonald expressed his excitement for the new series, the first original drama for the network, and confidence that it will deliver on its promise in season 1:

“As we started to see this cinematic, well-cast and meticulously produced series come to life as we’d dared imagine for season 1, we knew we’d created a uniquely immersive world and story that begged for expansion to a second season. … Our decision to begin filming another six episodes before the series’ world premiere is a testament to our confidence in Frontier’s world-class storytelling.”

Little is known about Frontier beyond Momoa’s commanding presence and the series’ general premise. But series directors Brad Peyton (San Andreas), John Vatcher (Republic of Doyle), and Kelly Makin (Vikings) certainly have the experience to deliver the aforementioned “cinematic” experience on the small screen. If Momoa is anywhere near as imposing a figure as he was on Game of Thrones, then Frontier is in good hands with its leading man.

Netflix is obviously taking a calculated risk in renewing a series that hasn’t even debuted yet, but they certainly must feel confident that Momoa’s performance can at least carry Frontier through its first 12 episodes. It’s an intriguing, potentially fascinating premise with plenty of potential as a period drama, but will need to follow through with the aforementioned “world-class storytelling” to survive beyond what’s already been ordered.

Frontier premieres on Discovery Canada on Nov. 6 and is expected to debut on Netflix in 2017.