Despite a mixed reaction to the original movie, there have been little pulses of activity around new takes on Jumper recently. Here comes another, as Jamie Bell (who appeared in the film) and Doctor Who regular director Julian Simpson are involved in developing a TV reboot of the concept.
The film, of course, found Hayden Christensen discovering that he has the ability to teleport, which seems cool until he discovers that it puts him smack in the middle of a war between people who have such power and those who would seek to destroy them. Adapted (loosely) from Steven Gould's novel, the story saw him seeking out others like him, including young jumper Griffin O'Connor (Bell), who had long since figured out the situation.
What track the new show might take has yet to be revealed as it's still at a relatively embryonic stage, even if Bell does decide to bring Griffin back. But it has support from New Regency (which produced the movie) and Lionsgate.
Yet it's not the only Jumper continuation project out there, as the original movie's director Doug Liman remains attached to an adaptation of another Gould novel Impulse, which will spin its own tale for YouTube Red. Which one will leap to screens first, assuming either make it? We'll see...