The movie rumor mill is actually an entertaining place to hang out and see what gets churned out. James Gunn has had to debunk a recent rumor regarding involvement in a new Tron movie and he took the opportunity to debunk several other rumors a well, that he just invented. The director recently posted an image of himself with a Tron light cycle, and that got the internet buzzing, but alas, as much as we might wish it so, James Gunn will not be directing Tron 3. Gunn then went on to make sure everybody knew that not to assume he was directing other movies due to his previous associations.

We also have a Rocketeer mask displayed in our offices; I am not doing a Rocketeer movie either. I once rode Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, and I am not doing a Cars sequel. And, so I don't fail to mention it, in 2007 I attended a party where Pauly Shore was, and am also not attached to Encino Man 2.

As somebody who has also been photographed with a Tron light cycle and who has also ridden Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, much, much, more than once, I can confirm that doing so does not make you a movie director. If only.

James Gunn has fun with the situation on Facebook, but you get the impression that he's also a bit upset with it as well. While wondering out loud if the light cycle, which Gunn said mysteriously showed up in their office, might mean something is perfectly reasonable, there's a difference between wondering what something might mean, and assuming that it actually means anything. The director says people are asking about a Tron movie on social media as if it's happening, which probably annoys him, since it is not.

Of course, some of the gun-jumping that occurred here was probably due to wishful thinking. If you're a fan of the Tron franchise, as I am, who was disappointed by the news that Tron 3 has been shelved, as I was, the idea that James Gunn could be the one to bring it back is probably a very attractive proposition, because it is. It would seem that James Gunn is at least enough of a fan to want a light cycle in his office, so that's something. Here's the offending image that got the ball rolling.

Of course, of the movies that James Gunn mentions, Tron 3 is, unfortunately, the least likely one to ever occur. A Cars sequel is happening next summer. There has been talk of making a new Rocketeer movie in recent months. Also, if James Gunn wants to make Encino Man 2, Pauly Shore would probably be all over that.

So, while James Gunn might not be directing Tron 3, maybe the buzz around the idea will spur somebody to take a look at the project again. There are plenty of other great directors out there who can do the job. Let's make this happen.