While iZombie is based on a DC Comic, it’s specifically from DC’s Vertigo imprint and not based in the traditional superhero world – but that will change, at least for a week, on Tuesday’s new episode.

When I spoke to the cast about this episode, “Cape Town” on a recent visit to the set of iZombie, there was a lot of excitement about it, with Malcolm Goodwin (“Clive”) noting, “It’s one of my favorite ones. It reminds me of Kick-Ass and I love Kick-Ass.”

Yes, this time out, Liv will find herself eating the brain – and thus taking on the traits -- of a real life costumed vigilante; someone Goodwin described to me as, “A teacher by day. He was a teacher at a woodshop and he posed as a superhero at night.”

On top of that, Goodwin added, “You see that he’s not the only one. He’s not the only superhero out there. So you get to meet all these crazy vigilantes of Seattle and all their costumes. I have a lot of videos from those episodes. That’s a fun one. Liv and Clive bump heads on that episode, majorly.”

Rose McIver (“Liv”) shared the enthusiasm for “Cape Town,” noting, “It’s so much fun to play a superhero! I feel like Liv kind of is a superhero in general, the way that she works and has this supernatural element that helps her do good for humanity and zomb-manity. But I think that it’s really fun to see her play with the tropes of the superhero world and indulge in some ways and also kind of sendup, in other ways, some of the superhero genre stuff. It’s a lot of fun and she’s kick ass. She’s cool!”

Said Robert Buckley (“Major”), “Any fan of the superhero genre will not be let down. They go for it and Rose, to her credit, really dove in headfirst. It’s a big episode. It’s the first one this year that we had to add an extra shooting day because of how much is going on. There’s a lot of great action and a lot of great cape references and the hero lore that goes on.”

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While Major does have a notable storyline this week, as he has an important bit of interaction with a new friend, Buckley laughed that he couldn't help but be jealous of the superhero aspect he's not involved in. “Unfortunately, I wish Major was more in the mix! This was one of those episodes where I was like, ‘God, I wish I could eat some of that brain!’ I’d like to see Major lean into the superhero thing. It would have been awesome to see where he would have taken that, given everything he’s doing right now.”

iZombie isn’t set in the same universe as The Flash and Arrow, despite airing on the same network (and filming in the same city; Vancouver), but McIver remarked, “I felt a little bit like Grant Gustin standing on top of a building at some point. It really was the superhero stance. I was like ‘Oh, I really wish Grant was here to see this!’”