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Thread: Isaac Asimovís Foundation Trilogy is Becoming a TV Show

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    Isaac Asimovís Foundation Trilogy is Becoming a TV Show

    Sci-fi icon Isaac Asimov’s The Foundation Trilogy is now headed to the small screen, as a TV series. Originally published between 1951 and 1953 – and predated by the original short story published by Astounding Magazine in 1942 – Asmiov wrote Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation sequentially, as a means to explore the concept of psychohistory as a fictionalized branch of mathematical sociology.

    Centering around the chief exploits of one Hari Seldon, The Foundation Trilogy explored the extent to which Seldon was able to predict the fall of the Galactic Empire – which comprises the entire Milky Way galaxy. Using the mathematical formulas developed in tandem with his psychohistory theories, Seldon is able to subvert a 30,000 year dark age before the dawn of a second great empire in the novels, and manages to form a foundation of talented artisans and engineers who serve to maintain the collective knowledge of humanity at the extreme end of the Milky Way. This serves to bring about a desired future known as the Seldon Plan.

    According to Deadline, those who grew up reading Asimov’s The Foundation Trilogy – or perhaps had it passed down to them generation-after-generation – are in luck as a new TV series based on the novels is officially in the works at Skydance Television. David Goyer and Josh Friedman are both attached to the new series – one that is slated to explore the sprawling narrative represented by Asimov’s groundbreaking work of sci-fi in a way that has thus far eluded the powers that be in Hollywood.

    Given Goyer and Friedman’s outstanding resumes in the entertainment industry – with Goyer having worked on projects like The Dark Knight trilogy and Friedman having created the semi-cult TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – perhaps the two Hollywood A-listers will finally manage to adapt The Foundation Trilogy to the small screen. Furthermore, with Luc Besson bringing Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets to the big screen this summer, now is a good time for adaptations of touchstone sci-fi works in general.

    In the past, several prominent filmmakers have tried their hands in adapting The Foundation Trilogy – most notably including Independence Day auteur Roland Emmerich and Westworld executive-producer Jonathan Nolan – but none have been able to crack the code of adapting Asimov’s heady masterwork. However, with a Stranger in a Strange Land series currently in the works at Syfy, perhaps general audiences will finally have a version of The Foundation Trilogy to watch as well as read, in the near future.


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    thanks @Axort my friend, this is really good news, hope they wont fuck it up and make something decent because that serie of books really deserve it..

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    @Rhialto tbh ican't say much about the book,s but the artworks look amazing
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