While the DCEU installments Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad seem to have sparked somewhat more vocal opinions from fans – both on the positive and negative sides of the fence – one shouldn’t forget that Marvel released their own superhero blockbuster this past summer. A massive hit with both audiences and critics, Captain America: Civil War had a tall task ahead of it, with many holding up its predecessor The Winter Soldier as arguably the best film in the entire MCU canon to date.

Thankfully, the Russo brothers once again delivered, providing fans with tons of memorable moments over the course of Civil War’s near 2.5-hour running time. Perhaps the most talked about sequence was the big airport fight, in which the entire line-ups of Team Cap and Team Iron Man battled it out for supremacy, albeit with the caveat that neither side really wanted to irreparably damage the other. However, that was all changed by the revelation near the end of the film that Cap’s amigo Bucky Barnes (aka Winter Soldier) was in fact the murderer of Tony Stark’s parents. Understandably, this sent Tony into a roaring rampage of revenge, and the fight was on between all three.

In the months since Civil War’s release, fans have been treated to a veritable deluge of cool-looking concept art for the film, and Marvel Studios’ artist Andy Park has just seen to it that the concept art train will keep on rolling for the time being. Park’s latest reveal is a concept image depicting a fight between a leather-clad Bucky and Tony Stark in full Iron Man regalia. Check it out in all its glory below.


The above image certainly makes it look like Iron Man has gotten the upper hand in his battle with Winter Soldier, in a possibly lethal way, since Tony’s blaster beam seems to be headed directly through Bucky’s chest. This scenario may very well have happened had a pure 1-on-1 fight between the two taken place in Civil War; although that was obviously not the case, as Cap opted to assist his friend in defending against Tony’s murderous rage. Had the bout not been a 2-on-1 affair, one wonders whether Bucky would have even made it out alive.

To be fair though, losing one parents – especially at a young age – takes a psychological toll on anyone, and Tony Stark hasn’t exactly been in the greatest mental place of late. The revelation of Bucky’s involvement in his parents’ deaths simply pushed an already damaged man over the edge. As Tony coldly says to Cap when told that killing Bucky won’t change what happened, “I don’t care. He killed my mom.” Thank goodness Cap was there to prevent his friend from committing an act that would have no doubt only lead to further emotional turmoil.

Captain America: Civil War is currently available on Digital HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.

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