The Iron Banner is returning to Destiny next week in an all-new update.

Among the changes in the forthcoming update are tweaks to the rewards gained and the switch to Clash. According to developer Bungie's blog, this is the first time the Iron Banner has used Clash.

Senior Designer Derek Carroll took to the blog to explain what players can anticipate as part of the switch.

"Id expect to see a bit less Super ability usage, and a lot more shooting across the board, but good teams will work together and hold territory even without the scoring incentives that Control provided," he said.

The same post outlined the following changes to the Iron Banner's rewards:

Iron Banner reputation from winning matches increased by 20%
Activity completion rewards increased at all ranks, with even more significant increases at Rank 2 and above
Packages from Lord Saladin upon reaching Rank 3 and Rank 5
Iron Banner Artifacts can be obtained from the Rank 3 package
Iron Banner Ghost Shells can be obtained from the Rank 5 package or activity completion rewards
In addition to the Iron Banner, Lord Shaxx will also have a few new items for sale. Those who finish the "Blademaster" quest and obtain an exotic sword will be able to purchase all three legendary swords from Shaxx.

Finally, the blog teases a refer-a-friend program for people planning to help new players who join the Destiny ranks this holiday season. Few details have been shared about this program, but the developer invites players to stay tuned for more announcements.

Destiny is the online multiplayer first-person shooter made by original Halo developers Bungie. Read IGN's Destiny: The Taken King review to learn more about shooting and looting.