Idris Elba finally chimes in on the incessant rumors of him replacing Daniel Craig as James Bond in the near future. After Sam Mendes' Spectre released in 2015, there were reports that Craig wasn't interested in reprising his role again as the iconic MI6 Agent. Filming a blockbuster movie isn't easy - and it's understandably more difficult to take on an incredibly physical role such as 007, which is why Craig was hesitant to return to the role after Mendes' Skyfall released in 2012. But he did so anyway.

Craig's James Bond contract ensures that he will appear in five movies, which kicked off with Martin Campbell's Casino Royale in 2006. At the moment, he's slated to appear one more time as James Bond in Danny Boyle's Bond 25 next year, but after that, the franchise's producers will need to go on the hunt for the next person to bring 007 to life. Given that the role has been portrayed only by Caucasian actors so far, it has been heavily rumored that the next Bond could be someone non-Caucasian - and one actor who has been constantly linked to the role is Elba.

It was reported a few days ago that James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli wanted to cast a non-Caucasian actor as 007, and that she was interested in Idris Elba. That story was later refuted, but it looks like the actor has finally addressed the rumors himself, first stoking the flames in one cryptic tweet and then dousing them in another. Take a look:

Elba is clearly having fun with the new James Bond rumors, evoking the character's famous introduction, but it ultimately looks like he's denying the rumor that he's in the running to play 007 after Craig. Since Bond 25 has yet to start filming, it doesn't make sense that the series' producers would even be looking into who will take over the role next. But when they do start looking, they may very well expand their horizons to include practically anyone. Earlier this year, Broccoli did state that the next Bond could be a woman or person of color, meaning the creative team behind the franchise is open to modernizing the character even more.

While there are plenty of actors and actresses who would love to take on the iconic role, Elba is one of the few people who has been linked to the role for the better part of a decade. Even before Skyfall released, Elba was rumored to be in consideration for the part, but he's repeatedly stated that he doesn't want to be the black James Bond no more than Sean Connery was the Scottish James Bond; he wants to be the best version of Bond possible. However, if Elba were to eventually take on the role, he would become the oldest James Bond in the franchise's history - and that isn't a great starting point for a multi-film role.

Release Date:

  • James Bond 25 (2019) release date: Nov 08, 2019