Based on the comic book series co-written by Matt Hawkins (Think Tank) and Bryan Hill (Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box), and illustrated by Isaac Goodhart, Postal is a peculiar title from Image Comics subsidiary partner Top Cow Productions, about a small town of outlaws and misfits. Surrounding the central goings-on from the perspective of one local postman with Aspergers, Hawkins, Hill, and Goodhart’s comic series has won a lot of praise during its debut last year.

Given the rising popularity of adapting best-selling comic book series to both the big and the small screen of late, it should perhaps come as no surprise that Postal might attract the attention of TV execs looking for new original programming material. On that note, the latest word has it that the Top Cow comic series has just been picked up for a full season TV order.

According to Deadline, Hulu has just secured the rights to develop a live-action TV series based on Postal. With The Walking Dead executive producer Seth Hoffman attached to write for the new show, the new Hulu original series will be executive produced by Matt Tolmach (The Amazing Spider-Man) and David Manpearl with Tolmach Productions and Legendary TV, alongside Marc Silvestri and Hawkins from Top Cow. Check out the official plot synopsis for Postal below:

Set in the fictional town of Eden, Wyoming, a place founded by criminals for criminals. A place where, despite its inhabitants, no crime is allowed. Local postman Mark Shiffron has Asperger’s, and through his peculiar eyes we see a town struggling to keep its fragile peace, a town on the constant brink of chaos. When a murdered woman’s body is found on Eden’s main street, Mark’s need to solve her crime leads him into darkness and truth about the town he’s known his entire life and the hidden realms of his own psychology. An eerie small town tale in the spirit of classics like Twin Peaks, Postal sets out to take an unflinching look at the cost of justice and the price of redemption through a tale set in the murky soul of America’s heartland.

Postal Comics TV Series Developed By Hulu Hulu Developing TV Series Based on Murder Mystery Comic Postal

Like many other networks and streaming services, Hulu is following the film industry’s trend of adapting comic books into a live-action medium – albeit without the capes and superpowers. Whether or not this murder mystery will win audiences remains to be seen, though anything that holds a passing similarity to Twin Peaks is sure to turn a few heads.

Given the fact that Postal is still a relatively recent comic series that doesn’t have the seniority or reach of some of the larger tentpole superhero franchises enjoyed by shows like Gotham and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Hulu TV series will have to prove itself in much the same way as a wholly original new property would. That being said, here’s to hoping that the new show surprises viewers everywhere with a surprising take on a lesser-known comic.